About Anycall

What Anycall is all about?

Аnycall is a completely new approach to do international calling both for your personal and business use!

With our unique GSM Call-Through technology you can cut spending for international phone calls by up to 90% without loosing in the call quality, even, where 3G, WiFi or other Internet service is not available.

Anycall service is provided by Railly Telecom & Media Ltd. – licensed VoIP operator – that operates in accordance to the laws of Bulgaria. We offer wide range of telecommunication services: Multi-IMSI roaming SIMs, long distance calls for smartphone owners, VoIP A-Z termination, and others.

Anycall App for your business

Anycall App must be specially configured for use in your home country. Using our unique technology we are able to beat the competition – most existing solutions on the market target retail customers that favor cost savings over quality and tend to be very complex and require complicated integration – making their solutions really hard to use. As business user you also can create and manage multiple accounts for your business employees or add private account for personal use.



  • Is iOS and Android Compatible
  • Can manage contacts and favorites
  • Can do both calls and sms (in close future)
  • Has call Recording capability
  • Shows cheapest rate for contact numbers in your contact list
  • Has centralized management of employee accounts
  • Provides shareable account balance between multiple employees
  • Allows control of Caller-ID presentation to comply with your company rules.
  • Allows simple plug-n-play integration with your corporate phone system, giving corporate IT department full control of their users
  • Is compatible with Anycall SIM – our solution for travels outside of your home country.

Anycall customers benefit from all Anycall features, same end-user experience and cost saving – regardless of their geographical location.

Anycall SIM

Use Anycall App in your “home country” and Anycall SIM, while traveling to a 230+ destinations abroad.

Our Anycall SIM is tailored for all users that want to save on GSM Roaming. The combination of Anycall App and Anycall SIM, together with our emphasis on call quality makes Anycall one-stop-shop solution for business travelers.

Our Anycall SIM is great for all Anycall users that are willing to save on GSM Roaming costs. With the combination of the app for the Anycall SIM card, high quality routes and custom designed features makes Anycall the perfect one-stop-shop solution for business travellers.

I want to get my Anycall!

Anycall is currently available for beta testers only. Contact us if you want to become one.